Louisiana Digital Network – Everything Louisiana!


The LOUISIANA DIGITAL NETWORK ™ was created to develop the most advanced educational initiative in the history of Louisiana, fueled by private enterprise. With the world of new media and high tech creating cutting edge opportunities on a global level, LDN may become a world leader in new millennium education technologies and entertainment.

The mission of LDN is to create and develop a 24/7/365 digital content delivery network that provides unique multimedia content to the web, IPTV and to cell phones.

The LDN Digital Outreach Team (“DOT”) and Digital Production Team (“DPT”), headed by seasoned professionals, and staffed by a cross section of young interns, from every major Louisiana college and university, have hand’s on training and education.

Students involved in the DOT and DPT programs will learn every facet of professional media production, marketing and licensing from a faculty of individuals who have vast professional media, marketing and production histories.

From this infrastructure, LDN provides free video content, subscription based video content, and premium video on demand (“VOD”) content thereby creating a revenue stream that supports participating colleges and universities creating a source of revenue for these institutions of higher learning that they have previously not enjoyed.


The Louisiana Digital Network ™ was first conceptualized by Big Chief Entertainment, LLC (“BCE”) cofounder Robert G. Vernon in a meeting with Professor Charles Richard of the University of Louisiana in the spring of 2007. Vernon introduced the initial plan to Professor Richard utilizing straws to show the proposed LDN technical structure. In the summer of 2007, Vernon began to formulate the masterplan.



In late 2007, a web site url known as www.bigchief.tv was created to test market the concept. In January of 2008, LDN attended the annual NATPE (National Association of Television Production Executives) convention in Las Vegas. During this high level networking event, LDN established various strategic alliances on a global level in streaming video, content delivery systems, modern codec development and IPTV and cell phone delivery.

In February of 2008, LDN placed approximately 2 hours of free content on the site. This free content featured various video programs featuring Louisiana music, food and culture. No initial marketing was done with the exception of three short “quick clips” which were placed on youtube, and a few other video sites. The url bigchief.tv was placed in these quick clips. During the first 30 day test, traffic reached 200 hits per hour during peak times and brought viewers from 17 countries. During March of 2008, an effort was made to bring a major marketing company on board to develop corporate sponsor interest.

After several weeks of rumination and exploring various possibilities, LDN concluded that by overcommercializing the project, it would adversely affect, and perhaps even eliminate, the strong educational value that exists in the masterplan.

After 5 years of research and development, the LOUISIANA DIGITAL NETWORK ™ has become a reality.