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Higher Learning

Funds for education are being cut in almost every state in the Union due to the hard economic times facing the USA. In some states, funding has been cut by as much as 70%!

Nothing is more important than a good education and the founders of the LOUISIANA DIGITAL NETWORK ™ are deeply involved in education.

LDN co-founder Robert G. Vernon comes from a deeply rooted educational family force who taught in Louisiana’s grade schools, high schools, and colleges for over 50 years from the 1930s to the 1980s. The football stadium at Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana is even named after his legendary uncle, Bill Ruple, one of the great coaches and educators in Louisiana history!


The headquarters of LDN is Louisiana.

Institutions that we invite to participate include:

LSU (all branches)
Centenary College
Bossier Community College
Louisiana College
and all others….

Each participating institution provides interns for the program. The long range goal is to maintain a minimum of 25 interns on the Digital Outreach Team and 25 interns on the Digital Production team.

Short term, a staff of four suffices. All teams share a LDN Desktop Management System and have access to the real time workflow, broadcast, and educational tools. Each day, intern tasks are easily accessed, deployed and supervised.

In addition, all participants in the DPT segment would communicate via a special Server workflow system whereby content can be edited by a team, in real time, from different locations throughout the network.

A diverse cross section of new, unique content in a rotating programming schedule, the content features music, food and culture of Louisiana, all topics of great demand to consumers on a global level; exclusive programming specials produced by LDN

An added value is that all training and classroom sessions for the DOT and DPT are videotaped by the interns and edited into “training modules” that can be distributed via LDN and through various distance learning applications.

It is the long range vision of the founders that, as the concept grows, the natural expansion to other States and their institutions of higher learning will drive the development of LDN into a coast to coast opportunity creating the largest board of advisors from American colleges and universities ever created that will oversee the operations of the “AMERICAN DIGITAL NETWORK”.


The Digital Outreach Team shall consist of a minimum of 25 interns from throughout the State of Louisiana. Their training includes every facet of marketing and communication necessary to function in the fast paced world of entertainment and digital content.

In effect, when an intern completes the DOT training, he/she will be able to:

1. Prepare all types of materials ranging from press releases to newsletters to multimedia presentations and licensing agreements and to deploy them on a project by project basis.

2. Conduct large scale marketing and promotional activities ranging from press conferences to program/content promotion, targeted demographics, blog and internet campaigns, advertising placement, click-thru affiliations, and search engine and keyword strategies.

3. Work efficiently within a desktop controlled environment throughout the conception, production and marketing phases of professional content production in all forms….music, video, film and multimedia.

4. Conceive, develop, script and produce professional digital content in the form of music, video and film.


The Digital Production Team shall consist of a minimum of 25 interns from throughout the State of Louisiana. Their training includes every facet of the production of high quality professional digital content from the actual production crew level up to all levels of post production, editing and marketing.

In effect, when an intern completes the DPT training, he/she will be able to:

1. Create, develop and produce films, video and music for commercial exploitation

2. Provide hands on services at all production levels

3. Edit and mix video and audio content

4. License and protect the content

It is anticipated and suggested by the founders that all interns take part in both DOT and DPT for the most well rounded educational experience. When an intern completes the training program, they are totally prepared to handle any job on any level of production and marketing of entertainment products that they choose to undertake.


The most important factor in the success of LDN is the content.





Flip Learning is when teachers give students videos to learn outside the classroom thereby having more time in the classroom to stress on higher skills.  Students can learn at their own pace.  And nothing replaces being able to press rewind and play if the students wants to focus on particular parts of a video lesson.  Video graphics and special FX enhances the learning process.  Using Flip Learning, teachers have more time in class to target critical thinking skills, conduct more in-depth discussions and provide more personal attention to their students.  Total learning time is greatly increased.


In the new media model, consideration must be given to length of the content, encoding bitrates, codec used, SD or HD, etc. The digital revolution has also brought about another trait of internet users, the short attention span. Content must be fast paced, not oversaturated with commercials, have distinct target markets and topics and be a mixture of free content, subscriber content and premium video on demand.

There is a need for topical video shorts, three to five minutes in length, “webisodes” a 2 to 3 hour series broken down into 5-7 minute segments, and live events. A strong Louisiana cooking show development is urged. Within a few years of start up, it may even prove lucrative to produce a feature film.

Much content already exists. Independent producers, filmmakers, film funds, television broadcasters and networks have content. Blanket licenses for streaming rights can easily be achieved.

It will take approximately 2900 hours of content per year to be effective in the marketplace in year one. The content will be rotated in 8 hour blocks, three rotations per day. LDN will use the most advanced tracking programs to provide real time tracking info to all members of the network. With all content being monitored in real time, it becomes a moment’s task to switch out a premium video on demand that is not generating revenue to one that will.

Each participating institution will have daily tasks for their DOT and DPT that keeps a steady stream of content flowing. Most will have production templates that only need content insertion. All of the editing is finalized at the host source, the University of Louisiana. Assembly will be a joint effort of the combined DPTs. Statewide live broadcast events will be scheduled ranging from festivals to concert/club events. Mardi Gras, in all forms, will be featured annually.


LDN free content shall be designed to draw viewer’s interest to the site and what it offers. Much like movie trailers, LDN free content will feature short “snippets” of programs, promotional clips, music performance videos and other free content that provides viewers with a well rounded display of available premium VOD content and weekly content series.


While there is much debate about subscriber (“sub”) based sites vs sponsor ad supported sites, LDN believes a combination of the two types is warranted but at special prices. For example, a monthly subscription rate of $4.99 to the general global public and $1.99 for students allows subs to view over 90% of all content available. This includes ongoing webisodes, special documentaries and cultural series, films and other original content.


The projected largest revenue generator is the premium VOD content. This includes special events, live performance events, feature films, program series, concert/club series, etc. Charges for the premium VOD will range from $1.99 to as much as $4.99 for HD. Premium VOD will be available to subscribers at special rates and also to the non-subscribers at full rates.

Note: A viable comparable would be Kevin Wall’s Live 8 global broadcasts of a few years ago which drew in excess of 25,000,000 global viewers via live streaming. An event such as a concert performance by a leading Cajun or Zydeco artist or a New Orleans musical group has the ability to draw thousands if not hundreds of thousands of viewers at $1.99 or more per live broadcast. A special multi-hour concert schedule, depending on the artists involved, has the potential to draw in excess of 1,000,000 viewers at a $2.99 to $4.99 viewer charge.


If the interns/students provided by the institutions particpate only in the marketing of LDN and LDN content, the particpating institutions receive 25% of the net revenue realized by LDN after all legitimate costs (data storage, streaming fees, etc are paid).

If the interns/students provided by the institutions actually provide content that can be utilzed by LDN in the free content section, in the Video On Demand/Premium modules, the participating institutions receive 75% of the net revenue realized by LDN after all legitimate costs (data storage, streaming fees, etc are paid).


LDN will come to your institution of higher learning and provide you with a special presentation on LDN for your administrative staff, faculty and department heads. Just click here!